Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No ride in today!

Well I won’t be riding the scooter into work today. After finally figuring out the brake problem, yes is was a p.i.c.n.i.c. problem, I was out test driving it and broke the chain when second dropped in out of nowhere.

A very nasty sound and the master link unfortunately had to pay with his life. I will get a spare tomorrow and aim for another day. I still don’t trust the battery to reliably start the bike either so I am a little hesitant anyway.

They say it isn’t  a Harley until you have pushed it a mile. Well I got my mile in today and that’s enough of that. Note to self get AAA membership!

Update to this post. I couldn’t let it sit there without a chain so I fixed the chain rode to the gas station and filled it up starting it was no problem so if I can decide which route is least likely to get me pulled over maybe I will ride in!

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