Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Sunday, July 26, 2009

She ran but she didn’t move

When everyone got here yesterday at 13:00, when it just couldn’t be any hotter, the flight engineer and myself went to roll her out to the end of the drive way and……She wouldn’t roll?

Everything seemed fine last night after I put the chain on but it was almost 1am and I was a little delirious. And on thinking back I didn’t try to roll it because I had been rolling it around all day sitting in the seat going “weeeeeeee” so I knew it rolled.

The problem discovered later that day was when I put the rear wheel back on, after wiring it, I put the spacers on in the wrong order so the caliper was binding up the rear wheel so it wouldn’t turn.

But back to the good stuff. In great need of salvaging some of the last 2 looooonnnngggg days of filling in all the little problems I just disconnected the chain  popped the caliper loose with a screw driver and rolled her out to fire her up and ……nothing. Just a bunch of clicking. The battery did try but just didn’t have the sack  to turn the engine over. So ended up jump starting it off the car. She fired right up but had to be on the choke for about 15 minutes before she warmed up enough to idle on her own. I also had to adjust the mixture of the carb due to the extremely free flowing exhaust.

So after the warm up time and the adjustment time and after cracking the throttle a bit more than necessary I found out my room mates car alarm works; so I cleaned up called it a successful day. I just need to figure out how to get a bigger battery into a smaller hole.

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