Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Punch List

Well for a first time bike build my punch list is pretty short. First of all and most antagonizing is the front brake. I can’t get this one to bleed either so it’s one of 2 things; 1 I am a retard, completely possible and a lot more likely than 2 I have gotten 2 bad master cylinders in a row. That a million to one shot.

The second is the short in the electrics after a days absence it has returned at first no low beam then no headlight at all and the control box shows a tail light overload.

Third I need to stand off the oil bag a little the top clamp is banging the frame and leaking oil.

Fourth a battery that can start the bike on its own reliably, after my first earlier ride and just now after sitting for a couple hours it started the bike on its own; but just now after my longer ride I shut it down and tried to restart it right away  and it wouldn’t  turn over just click away.

But other than that no tires rubbing fenders or chains rubbing tires. Everything I left with came back with me, even the hat that I had to go back for that blew off in a high speed run from 3rd gear to 5th. I got to say she runs like a raped ape. And if I didn’t have a inspection to go through I would hard wire the head light to the auxiliary post on the key switch in hi beam and cut the rest out of the wiring harness all together and solve that problem.

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