Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Houston WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After fixing rear caliper binding clutch would not engage. Took clutch apart re-installed  clutch fired her up under her own battery power( I guess it just needed to be cussed at) and took off around the block.

Not to self while in a haze of rigid chopper induced euphoria do not forget that rapidly approaching stop sign should remind you that you haven’t bled your front brake and that sprotor  set up is notoriously weak on stopping power in back and you are a 300lb lard ass doing 50 in 3rd gear. Thank God there were no cars as I did not reach anything remotely resembling a stop as I shot through the intersection. I did however get down to about 35 but I need new shoes and my feet  hurt:)

Can’t talk now gotta go try that again!

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