Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Houston We Have a Problem…

Actually a couple problems. First off the front master cylinder is a dud. Since it has been hanging on my bars for 4 months the 3 months warranty is up. So my brand new never used $100 master cylinder is no longer under warranty and was dead.

The second problem was the rear brake line. I got up this morning and hustled out and got a brake line and all the fittings I needed and went home and laid everything out bent the line, made my cuts, put the whole thing together  and no matter how much I tightened the fittings the line kept turning. At which point after a little research I found out no one uses flared tube and fitting anymore. The use 3-AN line with screw in fittings and banjo bolts.

By the time I finished the other things I needed to do I took off in search of a new front  master cylinder. Manor cycles was closed and Fletchers didn’t have a generic 1985 to 1996 front master cylinder for a Softail only one for 2006 and up and it doesn’t match.

Of course they  were aware of the “new” 3-AN brake stuff, which they could of course order, but  didn’t have enough stuff to fabricate a line for me . They said it was more for custom builders than factory riders which I can understand.

So rear brake line parts and pieces have been ordered, from a shop in Florida so I expect quick delivery. And Monday I will head over to Manor Cycle and see if they have a master cylinder for me and if not I will order one and hopefully have it all here in time to try another launch next Saturday!

So on a day of wanting to go not being able to stop stopped me from going. Sounds like a Flomax commercial!


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