Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been holding onto this picture since the very beginning of this build. Probably since before the first part was ordered. And I feel it today more than I have in a long time. Once again I was reminded of how few friends I really have.

I have no one that watches my back and I have no one that warns me when trouble is coming. I miss my real friends Jim, Pit Bull, Alvin, Dennis… where ever you guys ride now in your hearts know I miss you and I didn’t appreciate nearly as much as I should have.  For all my old friends…here’s to having your knees in the breeze!


I remember and smile at the all out blood baths for the big salad bowl. The Little Feat Playing while the chicken cooks. Pulling the 6 staples out of my back to get my vest off. The .22 round in the calf (still real sorry bout that:). The sparks as they flew in the darkness from the dragging extended pipes on the FLH. The danforth plum moonshine in Martinsville. “ Watch out” you said “ that will turn up the gravity on ya.” The foggy 130mph hammered out of reality on Jim Beam run back into Daytona from Crazy Daves. The six hour run from St Pete to Key West. Can’t be done? My ass we did it! Where did you all go so fast? Where has the wind taken you? And most importantly why did you leave me here?

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