Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Now that the bike is all but done. There is not going to be much to blog about. All I really have to do is get the inspection done, pay my taxes and have a semi professional photo shoot done. It’s the one guilty pleasure I promised myself. One photograph good enough to enlarge to poster size So I can roll it up and put it in the closet for the grandchildren to find one day. Me and a girley in a bikini with a bike I built myself for myself. Other than that a trip to Sturgis is about all that’s left on my things to do before leaving list.

I got to admit to being a pretty lucky guy. At forty I have done almost everything I have ever wanted. Or maybe somewhere I just lowered my expectations. Either way no point in bitchin’ no one is going to listen and even fewer will care.

The direction of the blog is a bit of a conundrum. Until my 4 year exit plan comes to fruition there aren’t  going to be a lot of adventures to have and blog about. I refuse to taint this sacred spot where I bear my soul to the emptiness with the troubles of my retarded job. What I do have is a lot of experiences some funny some not that would be interesting to share. So maybe I will scatter some of those in here from time to time and who knows maybe there will be a new build if I can work it into my exit plan.

I just rather enjoy this and don’t want it to end.I Know in reality how few people actually read this but it really does make me feel better when I am stressed and happier when I am happy. So for me it’s a win win situation.

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