Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week Six Update

That's right people, it has now been six weeks since I paid for my frame. You remember my frame right? The frame that was supposed to ship in two weeks four weeks ago. The update is there is no update. We have hit strange and unnerving territory. For the first time in six weeks of dealing with this knob I didn't get a callback. Every other time I called him he either answered or called back in 10 minutes or less. Today nothing.

It's very hard to write a blog about the construction of a motorcycle when you only have 2 parts for said motorcycle. And you only really know where 1 of them is. I can't wait to get this resolved so I can divulge the name of this loser business and begin my new hobby of ruining his business by any means possible. Stay tuned for further updates as we now begin to call every day until we reach resolution. Until then...Dan this ones for you!!

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