Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Monday, October 20, 2008

Frame Update

Well two more unanswered calls to frame guy today. Ebay only lets you file a dispute for 60 days after the purchase so I went ahead and did it now. Fifty days into a 14 day deal I figured I better do it while I could. Disputes automatically close after 90 days whether you get satisfaction or not and the person you have the dispute against has 10 days to respond to every email so 90 days go by quick. And of course there is no guarantee you will even get your money back or in my case ever get your product.
So here's a big F.U. to the loser at Red Barron Choppers!

That's right, the cat is out of the bag! The useless turd I bought the frame from is Danial(yes with an a) Howe at Red Barron a.k.a. a.k.a. danial howe creations. How is it that a legitimate business that doesn't screw its customers needs 3 different business names and several different ebay identities?

More on this later, but now I am off to every single chopper forum, custom bike forum, after market parts forum and message board and every other outlet I can find, and get a link to this blog out there. Building the bike has now become my secondary objective. The first being to run this useless little shit bird right out of business.

Maybe I will go to the library and get myself a few extra ebay identities and make sure I am the high bidder on every single thing this jerk off is selling on ebay. Maybe then he will have enough spare time to get my frame to me.....hmm I like that idea, gotta go.


Anonymous said...

maybe youre just retarded. I have the SAME FRAME and had no problems. also know two others PRESONALLY with similar and again, no problems. i love how the guys who dont know shit are always the first to roll it off on somone else. what a dipship. just keep spouting your crap. there's enough people out there who will believe you without seeing things for themselfs

Jake said...

same here. i have a weapon 200 and its fuckin awesome. Ive met Dan personally and I know him to be a stand up guy. also ( just for you readers ) you should know Dan's a former auto designer for detroit with eng background galore...

I agree with Anon. you are a fat fuck with an axe to grind for your own stupidity. ....says right in your header title it you are new to this. hey here's an idea. if you want snap together projects go buy a box of LEGOS and leave the real work for the big boys!

Anonymous said...

HA! well said. Hide your shame there TOMMY BOY. youre still wet behind the ears.

Anonymous said...

I have just put cash down on a frame
I hope all is well as I'm from Australia

I'd hate to send boys from the local chapter knocking on the barrons door

You guys with frames got a email id like some possitive feedback

Anonymous said...

I didn't get my frame from them either! Danial Howe, the secretary bitch Heather and all the other scumbags that worked for him are the biggest pieces of shit to walk the earth! He'll get what coming to him. I just hope I'm there to see it!