Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Security 101

With the attempted break in of the previous week I thought I would share some basic philosophies on home security. Somewhere I read once that good home security was made up in layers and I whole heartily agreed and have maintained that belief ever since.

A well built and installed door lock. Yes the jamb is shattered but whoever attempted to break in spent 5 solid minutes kicking at this door and it held.

The second layer of security is 110lbs of pit bulls. You can't beat them for fearlessness and loyalty. Ginger is the small tan one at 40 lbs and about 8% body fat the rest is muscle and teeth. The dark one is Debo 70 lbs of loyalty. He may not know what he is biting but if his sister is biting it its good enough for him.

And finally if all else fails the Ruger in .40 cal will do the trick.
Notice nowhere in my home security system is the phrase "dials 911". Lets face it the police are out numbered under paid and out gunned. Take care of yourself. However, at some point it will be necessary to call 911, who else is going to remove the body?

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Anonymous said...

Now that is hilarious. I love the part about Debo biting.