Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Inaugural Rant

Now I knew when I decided to build a motorcycle from the ground up I was biting off more then I could chew. And I knew when I decided to do it in my roommates living room it was a bad idea. Also, when I decided to do it 4 years before I was done paying child support I was a glutton for punishment. However, what I didn't count on were all the jerks out there that would make things harder than they needed to be out of pure greed and dishonesty.

What I am talking about is the dufus I bought my frame from. For a long time I didn't know if I wanted to build a bobber......

or a pro street type style... So one fateful evening I was browsing around Ebay the day before pay day, trying to decide on a style. So I figured I would let fate decide. I had heard about this guys bad customer service reputation and at time out right lies he tells people but I really dig the style of frame. So I figured I would place a low ball bid and if I got it, it would be worth the hassle since I saved a few bucks.

Anyway, as it turns out I won the auction on Sept. 3, paid for it on Sept.4 and was told it would ship in 2 weeks. On Sept. 18 I called for a update and was told the worker who welds up this particular frame walked off the job the previous day but the guy I talked to said he would finish it up himself that day. On Sept. 25 I called for a update and was initially told it went out with the group that shipped the previous Monday Sept.22 because the only frame in the shop of my style was in the jig and it wasn't mine. After some yelling and the phone being muffled the man came back on and said it was his mistake the frame in the jig was in fact mine and it would be done in a couple days. I called on Oct.2 and was told my frame was done and sitting on the floor and as a matter of fact they had put a rear wheel on it for some pictures and it would ship Friday Oct.3.

The frame is coming Fed Ex from a state in the mid west right of I-80. I won't name names at this point because I still don't have my frame. But rest assured, if it ever arrives, I will blast away w/reckless abandon. Why is it people take other peoples money then don't deliver on their end of the deal? If it's gonna be a month have some confidence in your product and say it's going to be a month. Why be a weasel? Why tell lie after lie? He has my money, I cant get it back, I am at his mercy. I would rather be told I will get it when I get it then be repeatedly lied to like I am some kind of simpleton.

So if there is anyway the dipshit I bought my frame from found this blog and knows it's him I am talking about all I can say is...get off the computer and finish my frame you p.o.s. Life would be so much easier if karma were instant and my foot would mysteriously appear up his ass, which one day it may.

Right now I can't post any of my build pictures because all you would see is a motor sitting in a box waiting for a frame that is now a month late in getting here. Jose Cuervo here I come!!!

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