Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Friday, January 9, 2009

USPS and Extinction

I tell you I wish I could do my job as half assed and poorly and the USPS and still jack up my rates a couple times a year. First I sent some Xmas presents and paid for the 2 day priority shipping and it took a week. I know what you are thinking its not guaranteed 2 day shipping right? Then why call it 2 day priority? Sounds like false advertising to me.

Secondly I ordered a service manual for Harley Softails from 1984-1999. It shipped out from Jacksonville FL 3 hours north of here on January 3rd and it still has not arrived. The tracking number hasn't updated since it was received by the USPS on the 3rd so that's useless also.

So in the very near future when you are all standing in the unemployment line and can't figure out why refer back to this post. Because I promise you I will no longer buy anything from anyone who ships using your sorry, slow, unpredictable, untrackable sorry asses! Thank you and have a nice day! Jerk offs!

Soon your sorry asses will be extinct also!

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