Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belt Drive A Go Go Baby!

The belt drive arrived late yesterday evening. Being on a friendly basis with your Fed Ex guy has its advantages. I waited all day for something to show up and while we were gone picking up Tommy at school he came by; but instead of putting it off until tomorrow he swung back by at the end of his route. It was 6:30 when he arrived w/the MSO for my transmission and my belt drive. Once again hats off to Jireh Cycles; if they have it in stock they get it to you fast. Six days from order to delivery.
Any way here is where we left off; except what you can't see is everything is bolted in and the center clutch push rod that I got at Fletchers HD this morning is all greased up and inserted as per the instructions.

Here is the motor sub plate installed it keeps the engine and transmission in line and square. I have to say again how happy I am with the quality of the frame. Everything is sitting level and square in their mounts.

Next is the rear pulley/clutch basket and the front pulley and the belt. The belt and the front pulley had to go on at one time so no between shots of just the pulleys.

Here is the clutch pack and pressure plate installed. They aren't adjusted because they have to all come back off when everything goes out to paint.

And here is the finished product with both decorative pulley covers on.....Now if the dams UPS guy would just get here with the wheel and fender!

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