Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Todays Update

The sprotor arrived today at 6pm by UPS but since it was the only thing all I could do was bolt the sprotor to the rear wheel. Without the axle or spacers I couldn't do anything else.
Earlier I also reordered the spacer set, I found someone who had it in stock for a buck or two cheaper, so I ordered it. I also found a fender for the front tire for a real cheap $25 dollars so I ordered that as well.

Now if the spacers and the axle could just show up before next week I can back in the swing of things. I do know if that axle doesn't show by Monday I am going to be pissed. How do you just forget a order?
I really don't get this industry, one guy forgets my order completely, another company in pompano beach I ordered a fender mounting block from the same day I ordered the sprotor from a guy in Van Nuys California and the sprotor gets here first. The tracking info for the mounting block still says they have received info to expect the package for mailing but they don't have it yet. Of course it sat in "to be shipped" status for 4 days. But the guy in Manchester New Hampshire sends my fender supports so fast I got them before the money left my account. Literally by United States Post Office Priority mail from New Hampshire to here in 5 days.
I tell ya if you were to open a shop in the Southeast somewhere and just ship fast and be fair with prices you could make a fortune. Just by being reliable you would strike it rich.
Oh, here are the fender supports, beautifully chromed excellent workmanship. This guy will get my repeat business.

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