Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well in the last 2 days I have managed to step on my crank twice. First was yesterday, I called a local shop to get my tire mounted and they said it would be $15 dollars. I get out there and because it was a "custom" tire the price jumped to $56 and because it was so wide they couldn't even balance it.

And today, after researching around on the Internet to get the Timken bearing and race number of my steering neck bearings, so I could buy them at the auto parts store; for a reason I can't explain and knowing much better I went to the dealer to make it easier and of course paid for it. My $22 dollar bearings were $59.

I can't explain my actions other than being in a state of constant anxiety about getting this done, because I need it more than you could possibly know, I am not thinking clearly.So in tribute to my two days of's my sign!

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