Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Retirement Kim!!

A blogger I read religiously over the last year Kim du Toit retired on November 30. I particularly enjoyed his weekly post on Friday called the pre weekend blah where he would point out his favorite vehicle, weapon and female from a particular place or time. The best description I can come up for Mr. du Toit is worldly. He could post on almost any topic and speak intelligently. I will sincerely miss his blogging, however I will take solace in knowing his blog will remain on line for some time just not updated anymore. I have a lot left to read to have read it all. So, in your honor sir, my one and only pre weekend blah

Favorite weapon....

I know I know, unreliable inaccurate on a good day and kicks like a constipated mule. But it was widely used in ww2 and used by the treasury dept. during prohibition and consequently used by gangsters of the same era. Plus w/100 rounds of .45 on full auto this piece for me carries enough romance to overlook the flaws.

Favorite Vehicle...

The Dodge Power Wagon and I don't mean that junk that came out in the late 70's or early 80's I am talking about the 50's version the one widely used in Korea and Viet Nam. Not fast but house pulling torque and 5th grade simplicity made this a reliable go anywhere do anything vehicle. From ambulances to school buses everything has been built on this platform.

Favorite Starlet...

In honor of Kim du Toit, Rita Hayworth. I don't know much about starlets of this era and can't say I ever sat through a movie in which she acted but she, like my sweetheart, is a red head and that's all I need to know(wink wink, nudge nudge).

So if you get the chance check out his blog and buy one of his Nation of Riflemen tshirts if the link is still up.

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