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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

Thank You to all those that have served this country and protected my freedom. I wish we as Americans thanked you more often then we do. And in a far better fashion than we do.

"We can be worthy of the values and ideals for which our sons sacrificed—worthy of their courage in the face of a fear that few of us will ever experience—by honoring their commitment and devotion to duty and country."

"Soldiers never die until they are forgotten, Tomb Guards never forget."

The above words are obviously not mine but they convey perfectly how I feel. The only way we can attempt to prove ourselves worthy of the sacrifices of these men and women is to honor them for what they do and did for us. And we can keep their contribution to our freedom alive by remembering what so many sacrificed for us.

Today isn't, or shouldn't be, about a day off from work or a time and a half day. If you know a Veteran thank them or do something nice for them. If you don't head out to the local Veterans Cemetery and take a walk around and read some of the stones. Remember the people that allow us to walk around in the self absorbed haze that has become today's society. Don't forget as you are reading this, that somewhere on every continent in the world right now an American soldier is risking his life to protect our right to live in a ignorant bliss that very few of us deserve.

I also highly recommend going to . There you can adopt a deployed soldier and promise to once a month send a basic care package and letters of support.

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