Current Project Condition

Current Project Condition

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Not Ugly

The good news is I finally have a picture of a completed bike built on the same frame I have, with the exception that it is for a sportster power plant and mine is a big twin also mine has a 300 rear tire where this one appears to be about a 200 or 250. The rake and basic design are the same. I may have had a bad experience with this guy but, in my opinion, he builds a wicked looking unit.

A 360 degree view can be found on this you tube video.

The bad is the transmission I was, note the word was, going to order this morning is now out of stock. The upside is I was going to order it through Jireh cycles, and they won't take your money on a out of stock item so my money isn't sitting around tied up for who knows how long waiting for the item to come in. And when it does come in they call you and see if you are still interested. The only downside is I can't find the tranny at their price with anyone else. The closest I can come is 32 dollars more.

The not ugly is this picture....

This is the part where you get involved. The V.P. of design and style likes this color very much. I like it also but it needs some added touches, some airbrushing or a stripe or something. But as of now this is the front runner in color choice.It is House of Kolor Planet Green Metallic under Pagan Gold Kandy. Leave a comment and tell me what you think, or your ideas for punching up the design a bit. Myabe some real gold leafing, a tribal deisgn? Thanks!!

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